Showcasing Capital City's Creative Talent

Sacramento Developer Collective is proud to announce a new annual event for local developers and creative talents

Sept. 7

Capital Creative Showcase

11:00AM - 5:00PM

West Sacramento Community Center

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Sept. 7

Capital Creative Showcase

Sacramento Developer Collective's new annual showcase event featuring regional video game developers and creative talents and their works.

11:00AM - 5:00PM

West Sacramento Community Center

Our 2019 Lineup

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Check out Sacramento's growing number of small or Indie video game developers

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This year's theme will be Women in Games

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Explore the entire video game  community of the greater Sacramento region


Progressive Game Jam 2019

Evocus: The Summoner's Game by Mythic Minds

Evocus: The Summoner's Game

Evocus is a card strategy game where you play a Summoner who summons various Units to traverse the battlefield, capture Control Points and defeat enemy Units.

Bike Route Sacramento by TableStar Games

Bike Route: Sacramento

Bike Route is a Board Game that you play with your friends. The game is filled with art and locations that you will recognize and fill you with joy as you build bike routes to connect different places together.

The Lonely Zombie by Paralore Studios

The Lonely Zombie

His name is Reggie, and he is the zombies last hope in a war against the evil survivors. The poor defenseless zombies never even stood a chance. In this cold cruel world, Reggie must rise up and come out of his comfort zone to save the zombie race from extinction.

Space Uber by Zephyr Fox Games

Space Uber

Pilot your space taxi through a dangerous asteroid field; dodge speeding boulders and aggressive smart mines; execute a harrowing, emergency landing to rescue a survivor of a shipwreck. The second in a series of projects.

Zexa Xeza Warrior Princess of the Cosmos

Zexa Xeza Warrior Princess

She was a proud princess from a technologically advanced kingdom. Her uncle Xi was obsessed with immortality and was banished when he tried taking over the kingdom from her father Zez. Xi and his men hid in the cosmos for many years until he achieved immortality, but at a horrible cost. Xi and his men returned and covertly usurped the kingdom by taking over the kings mind.

Now, Zexa Xeza, warrior princess  travels from planet to planet tracking them down to discover the secret and save her father.


Luminous Flux

Flux is a combination of a battle royale, tower defense, and puzzle strategy game. It gives the player multiple points to protect, such as lives, a home base, claimed planets, etc., from other teams or other players in general when playing solo. There is a wide variety of weapons and defenses that you can use to protect your turf, and the best part is, its completely customizable! Hosts can choose what points to enable, how often rare items spawn, what items are enable, and much more. It will be a great game to play with friends and frenemies alike.

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